Rukmini kalyanam slokas

There is no peace without Him, He is in fact the ideal peace maker and the pace maker, not the machine that is fitted into us. Pray take me to wife here. My hands should not be dirtied by an evil fellow like sisupala. Rukimini-Krsna hapy, Devaki- Vaudeva happy, Bheeshmakar happy, Balarama-revathi happy, sidha pursha happy, residents of Dwarka and Kundinapura happy we who listen this divine tale are happy, imagine people who have actually witnessed and been part of the sublime celebration , and so may all Bhagawathas be happy and be ever receive the blessings of the divine couple and enjoy the celebration of the Lord, every moment and every breath. So nothing belongs to us in this world, we live here and towards moksham, He will take us to His eternal abode.

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Sep 3, 8.

Bharatiweb ยป Rukmini Vivaha Prastava Shloka (Rukmini Kalyana) โ€“ Shrimad Bhagavatam

Don't permit the king of Chedhi the Sisupala to take possession of me. The beauty of these seven shlokas is that they fit amazingly as a romantic message and unparallelled abridgement slomas vedanta. This was the name given Parvati, by none other than Emperuman Himself, when He did he Krsnavatharam and Parvati does the kainkaryam service of transplanting the foetus of balarama from Devaki to Rohini and herself being born the daughter of Yashoda and Nanda.

I have done this few years ago and am enjoying the results If He the master Seshiwe the servant sesha. May all klyanam us reach to Emperuman.

Sri Rukmini Kalyanam

Once the soul seeks total refuge in Him, every happiness, every sorrow is an offering to His lotus feet. Krsna, with the consent of His parents and elder brother Balarama, leaves for Kundina Pura, and meets Bheeshmakar, who wants Krsna as his son in law. Here in this shloka, the highlights a jeevan can be observed, as is called the adhikaara for a jeevathma, by vedantis to preach and penance on the Paramatma.

It will be like a wily jackal stealing away the royal food earmarked for the consumption of the Lion.

On the eve of marriage a grand processing will be taken out to Goddess Ambika our family deityin which the young bride has to go out to see Goddess Parvati. Last edited by a moderator: If it is my fate that I am not fortunate to get the protection from such great Krishna, I will kill myself through severe austerities in this life and will be born in hundreds of future lives till I attain your company.

Rukumani Kalyanam - Tamil/English

She only sent a brahmin as emissary with the above message. An interesting shloka where the girl herself becalls the groom to elope with her and kalyanak special mention of Parvati devi ambika.

Hope what you are looking is the same. Friday, June 11, the seven slokas of rukmini. Snippets of Life Non-Fiction.

Meaning of the seven slokas which Rukmini sent to Krishna free translation avoiding technicalities to the extent possible. So nothing belongs to us in this world, we live here and towards moksham, He will take us to His eternal abode.

If someone taught you via skype, what would you want to learn? This puja is done early in the morning after taking bath, should wear washed clothes and offer flowers and fruit to lord krishna, then buy Rukmini Kalyanam book and read 5 to 6 pages everyday or however you like and plan to complete it in 21days.

Yes, my password is: Oh Mukunda, which girlwho has some strength of mind, who is born of high familyand in at least some way comparable to you in upbringing, character beauty, education ,age, wealth and status would not simply woo you by mind, you who looks like a lion in human form you were once Narasaimha and who are simply enchanting to the minds of all the living beings in this world.

Sri Rukmini Kalyanam Song - Download Slokas Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Mar 31, 5. This shows the grit that Rukmini had, and we must have to reach to the Lord. Accompanying that procession, me the bride, will be going to the Parvati temple for worship. For now I can hear the audio. Now I belong to you. My Krishna, gods like the husband of Uma are eagerly awaiting to bathe themselves in the dust of your feet so that their own weaknesses will be removed.

It is heard that Poonthanam, though an ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan, was not a scholar in Sankrit by any standards. Mar 28, 1. What is the procedure? Krishna, you are the most attractive person in the whole universe, and having listened to your glories which enter one's thought rukjini the ears and destroys all woes of the body and mind, and Oh Achyutha, my shameless mind dwells upon you incapable of being wrenched away from your beautiful form which is the ultimate thing urkmini anyone to set his eyes upon and that form bestows on all eternal fortune.

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