Every analysis usually needs to meet the conditions and rules of an existing code or local standard to provide valid results that are suitable for execution. Standard systems are implemented System International Units, Imperial Units , and units from different systems can be mixed and matched. Steel, Concrete, Reinforced Steel and Pre-stressed Steel can be chosen according to the active code or standard.

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GUI in many international languages. The most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software available for the Civil Engineering Projects. It supplies many tools that enable to take into account all the prestressing actions for performing advanced analysis and design procedures. The element type beam, truss, cable, shell and solid is clearly xivilfem, so the user can readily find the element.

CivilFEM Academic | CivilFEM

CivilFEM implements hinges for the cases where no moment is transmitted from one member to the next. CivilFEM features the last Expert license capabilities as main addition after current Intro and Advanced license types.

In this case a time-dependent load is applied and the results will be calculated over a predefined time interval. The system combines structural analysis features of ANSYS ISO with the high-end civil engineering specific structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM, making a unique powerful tool for a wide range of civil engineering projects.

CivilFEM has powerful seismic analysis capabilities. CivilFEM is an advanced civil engineering software application providing unique solutions for multidiscipline structural analysis with specific features for:.

CivilFEM | All your Civil Engineering Structural Analysis needs

The user has several options to control the meshing step. CivilFEM can plot time-dependent results, where all result types can be plotted against time in a transient analysis or frequency in a harmonic analysis.

Mass option models the behavior of a concentrated mass applied over a structural element. Off-shore and maritime structures.

The engineer can use the capture option to define an arbitrary section selecting a previously generated surface geometry. For 2D modeling, triangles and quadrangles can be used while the user can choose between tetrahedrons or hexahedrons for a 3D solid. The CivilFEM Geotechnical utilities were created with cifilfem main purpose of becoming a powerful tool to allow civil engineers to deal with the most typical and advanced soil mechanics 2D and 3D problems with any kind of Beam, Shell and Solid elements.

To mark the release of CivilFEMwe will be hosting a webinar to go over the newest features and you are welcome to attend. cjvilfem

Linear elements are meshed using their own element type that lead to increased accuracy in the calculations of such elements. Civil and Structural engineers.


The modeling step is where the user spends most of the time during the design process. The range of frequencies for study and damping can be defined also. Quality control, forensic structural analysis, project modifications. Thermal and Thermal-structural coupled analysis Seepage and seepage-structural coupled analysis Arch length solver simulation: Dams concrete, loose materials.

A user response spectrum can be entered in order to obtain the response under particular conditions outside those defined in the standards. Modern structural design needs a flexible approach. Compatibility with Marc Mentat The buckling effect behavior of slender elements can be easily carried out using the Buckling analysis option in CivilFEM.

CivilFEM Intro

On the other hand, the forces to masses utility allows to convert a set of load groups to added masses, in this way, these forces will be computed like masses in the modal analysis. The user can choose and change any combination of units during each of civilfdm pre and post process analysis steps and CivilFEM will change the representation of all units to the desired system.

CivilFEM can perform checking and design in a wide variety of the most used international standards. If the user needs to obtain the response of a model over a period of time, CivilFEM provides the option to perform a transient analysis.

Moving loads will prove very useful in the design of bridges, where these kinds of loads are predominant. Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Module: The user can calculate the response of a structure under known spectral excitation, civifem to international standards. CivilFEM offers an automatic properties input form where the user can choose from an extensive civilfe, library, arranged by code and type.

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