It integrates with BlueJ, a Java IDE for students, and features easy applet creation so students can be deploy their work online very easily you can deploy your 3D applets directly from the IDE itself. Check out our latest community projects! The result is Env3D http: That is a dream of mine too! Medals in last month.

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Env3D, now with jME3 - User Code & Projects - jMonkeyEngine Hub

Along with the engine is a set of lessons http: Cool, congratulations So, you feel like your under-the-hood code got cleaner or rather more convoluted after the change? Keep up your definitely good work! It's definitely in our favor to appeal more strongly to educational institutions.

Powered by SMF 1. Wow that's great batkidI know you've been contemplating this for some time: This makes porting painful but helps in my understanding of how jME3 works. I have a few comments about the applet itself: The new material system is so much more simplified and I found myself using very little "boiler-plate" type code. I only had one unsigned certificate to approve. Cool, theres info on how to create a jar library for jMP in the wikidown where the "recipes" are.

The code is definitely cleaner. I'm diving in porting my old plugins to the new Alpha-4 platform now but I'm can help my self saying that I'm really impressive to see what batkid are doing It makes working with the jMonkeyEngine much more streamlined, and the scene and terrain editors could be very useful.

Learn Java programming in 3D using the Env3D library.

Under the hood, it uses jME for all the heavy lifting. Games in WIP games currently in development.

I'll also check the various collision parameters. Featured games 90 games approved by the League of Dukes. Ok, I'll take a look at jMP and see if I can get env3d integrated. I am already using a BoxCollisionShape for it.

I modified the input so it runs on a different thread -- it runs better now. I was able to run it The water is super-fast jittery but other than that it was fun. I think the change that is most significant is the material and asset management system. What do you guys think?

Games in Showcase Games in Android Showcase games submitted by our members. This would be great for a second semester course.

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It's the sweetest thing which in the old day, I've dream that Java can do I managed to convert one of my student's project to this new jME3 version: Also, I noticed that if the mass of the house is 0 staticthen the framerate is rock solid.

Later on, I could even write up some tutorials on how to transition from env3d to jME3. That is a dream of mine too! The result is Env3D http: I have been using these lessons internally in my own classroom for many years, and I feel that it has evolved to a point where both the eenv3d engine and the lessons are ready for public consumption. Nudge me when theres questions left.

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