Street academics vandi puncture

Then came the vision theory, Where he gets zoned out for sec and visualises his favourite native place moments blended to the city-scape through VFX. There are so many levels to this music video that the fact that it has been presented as easy to interpret at a glance is just genius. Voice Of Tha People.

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The song was actually written a year ago and followed our plight too. When people look at the previous tracks of S. Dont punctjre to share and support these amazing group of talents! Very excited to let you know that the song will be soon available on download on all major digitals platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Saavn etc.

More and more coming up, as we have tailored various tracks on different topics, in separate genres over the years. From then on to now, they have just been adding to their accolades. Now that you know the story behind this masterpiece; listen to Kalapila below.

Kalapila follows the story of one such man, who has settled into the hustle bustle of the city and has soon come to miss his roots.

It was high time we gave back something to everyone around us and we decided to create something positive and motivational like Kalapila.

Retrieved pubcture " https: The video has released. Even with a video this appealing, they have ensured that the sound is at the forefront of it all. RJV of Street Academics has beautifully written the catchy, emotional and deeply inspiring lyrics to the song.

In recent years the music has been spreading even more due to the regional boom that the sound has experienced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amrit Rajesh [Director] — The track has created a lot of buzz. I am over 13 years old. Emcees from all around the country are now spitting in their regional languages so that they can relate to the people around them and spread their message far and wide. Retrieved 28 March Stay with us folks.

This is a mix of folk and rap instrumentals rarely seen in the Hip-Hop soundscape herewhat drove you to reach this level of production? That bob your head, find your groove and spit some fire shit we grew up listening to.

Desi Hip-Hop has come to a point where we have new content from all regions in the South Asian continent releasing every single day. Our soul would always be rooted in the old school and as for our music, we are gonna keep doing our thing without putting a label on it.

The punctyre, the beat, the rhythm and of-course the soul of it. I thank Street Academics for that.

Exclusive Interview – Street Academics’ “Kalapila” Just Changed The Game

Happy about acadeics great response from the viewers. In India there has been a boom in music, especially Hip-Hop music because the people have been very receptive towards the concept of the culture and the messages we spread through our songs. I knew then that would be a killer shot. They have been dropping hit single after hit single time after time and kept going at it since the time they started out.

Vandi Puncture by Street Academics | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Akki is a talented filmmaker too and he was a great help. Underground rappers Indian rappers Hip hop record producers Underground acadeimcs hop Indian hip hop groups Alternative hip hop groups Alternative hip hop musicians Hip hop activists Indian lyricists Indian record producers Indian hip hop singers Music bands from Kerala. Voice Of Tha People. I wanted something people can relate to.

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Articles academisc hCards Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers. It is a far cry from what we had done in the past, but our music is evolving. From basic old-school sampling to masterpiece Violins by Dr.

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