Digital Health is making medicine more personal, continuous, accurate, and data-driven. It would be worth trying, I think, especially if there is a money back guarantee. The use of our platform is free of charge. Brainscape is the world's best flashcard app , scientifically proven by to help you learn faster and remember longer. I would encourage those seeking treatment to improve focus and attention elsewhere.

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My son was very frustrated with the program because it is so simplistic and frankly boring. The concept of this is awesome! Does it Really Work? We had been very pleased, but after a recent move, we were unable to locate a therapist to provide Neuro Feedback services, so we decided to try AttenGo. We looked into this further to see what real users say.

Improving Executive Functions with AttenGo

Unfortunately, more and more research indicates that medication for ADHD does not have any positive effect on EF read more on one important study that showed this here.

The use of our platform is free of charge. He finally started taking medication, but he hated taking it because it made him feel weird. Training online with AttenGo offers multiple benefits, including enhanced states of attention and concentration; reduced impulsivity; increased organization, self-awareness, and self-control; improved key aspects of data processing and working memory; improved ability to quickly shift focus; increased reaction time; and improved patience and ability to relax.

The results will be noticeable at work and school, and behavior and self-management will significantly improve. Any time you can avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs you are doing yourself a huge favor.

attengo - Wiktionary

By making it fun or at least engaging it increases the chances of you sticking with it for a period of time long enough to notice results. If you would like atteno propose an article for publishing on Brainscape's blog, please read these guidelines and instructions for submission. You can use Brainscape to find flashcards, make your own flashcards, or even just to have fun! I had signed up for the one month trial and the company refused to refund the second month payment that was automatically deducted from my PayPal account.

Want full access to Finder? I attebgo think this business is a sham.

We are excited about this new learning opportunity, and we hope that you are too! Just like repeated exercise can help improve muscle development, repetitive use of the neural pathways related to EF can help individuals develop better EF skills. There is also the fact that we live in a society that seems to reward being distracted and escaping into things like video games, movies, and TV shows. I would encourage those seeking treatment to improve focus and attention elsewhere.

But this is supposed to only be diagnosed if the problem is severe, and not just your average kids being kids sort of lack of attention. I was extremely disappointed with the customer service. Does AttenGo Really Work?

Overview There is still a lot of debate as to whether or not prescription treatments for ADHD work or not, so it is interesting to see a software program like this claim to have the answer.

The main difference between AttenGo and other similar programs is that AttenGo attengp unique activities, which include a real-time feedback system.

Does AttenGo Really Work?

AttenGo seems to have done a solid job at creating a software designed to treat a problem that many people are diagnosed with each year. By d edicating only 30 minutes 3 times a week to this cognitive training from the comfort of your home by using your computer, you will be able to see a real change within a few weeks. I would have thought this would be a great product. Digital Health is making medicine more personal, continuous, accurate, and data-driven.

AttenGo is a clinically tested program designed to treat children and teens for ADHD without using drugs. Treating the cause without altering the synapses in the brain or effecting the brain at a cellular level the way powerful drugs do is a much better choice.

Can AttenGo Really Help You or Your Child with ADD or ADHD?

Follow us on Youtube. If attengo can help her with her ADHD symptoms with some simple online treatments it will make a world of difference in her life and mine. Modified on September 8, by Guest Blogger.

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