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No more babysitting live recordings at the club gig; just start it rolling and ignore until the third encore is finally over. Folder Tracks allow hiding and showing of groups of tracks in an edit, with support for nested folders. Imagine taking an old ballad vocal and time stretching it up 20 beats per minute for your new dance track.

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Tracktion 3 also provides more than enhancements over the previous version of Tracktion. This makes it easy, for example, to have vocals mixed louder during choruses than during verses, or to have drums really come up at the end of a song.

These clips provide tools for editing them right at the top of each clip, so you don't have to go looking for a separate button to cut or fade your clip from somewhere else on the screen.

Tracktion 3's MIDI editor of course allows for Step Entry mode, as well as providing powerful quantizing features, creating and applying groove templates, and more. The squares in the center are used to slide the tracktikn and its contents around while the arrows at either end are for adjusting the overall size of the clip.

Multi-track recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing. You can even create your own loops and make them mackis for easy finding in the future.

Tracktion Has a New Home

Graphics can grind with large projects. Additionally, Tracktion 3 comes ready for kHz-compatible trqcktion interfaces like the Onyx F, and Onyx F - giving you the ultimate in high-definition digital audio.

Mixing, of course, is the art of leveling, panning, EQing, adding effects, and otherwise accentuating individual sounds and instruments to get your song to sound just right.

This simple but beautifully executed feature is, to our minds, worth the upgrade alone. This is one deeply powerful DAW that never gets in the way of that all-important creative flow. They are so named because they allow you to combine filters together and use them as a group - just as you would a rack of effects processors. Hunting through endless drop-down menus, pop-up windows and minute, obscurely labelled icons might be a good indication that your software is packed with features, but for some, this is more of a confusing distraction than a bonus.

And Tracktion 3, of course, gives you some of the cream of the crop. With version 3, Mackie offer many workflow enhancements aimed at squashing some of the criticisms raised last time around, as well as improved control surface support and some audio engine improvements. Tracktion 3 Ultimate Bundle software from Mackie is an easy-to-use music production application that, nevertheless, contains everything needed to professionally record and mix music on a Mac tgacktion PC - without all the hassles and limitations of other multiple-page audio software.

Final Mix Final Mix enables you to master your sessions like a pro, printing directly to mackis disk or DAT, without having to rely on expensive mastering houses or outboard gear.

Mackie Tracktion 3 review | MusicRadar

Click here to learn about the differences between the T3 bundles mwckie the virtual trackrion included with each. Tracktion archives can utilize non-destructive FLAC compression or file- shrinking Track Freeze Renders single and tfacktion tracks, with all their assorted audio files, effects and instruments, to a single file.

Firstly and most significantly, we can now make use of Folder tracks. Macmie Clips Once audio is recorded or imported it is presented in the arrange window as an audio clip Clips provide tools for editing them right at the top of each clip - no more going to drop-down menus for commands, or going somewhere else on the screen to do fades.

Tracktion is a fantastic platform that offers a radically easy approach to composing, recording, editing, mixing and sharing music on a Mac or PC.

Not specified by manufacturer. Dedicated input and output meters let you keep levels in check while you dial in sweet tone to your heart's content. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Or has your cat ever walked across your keyboard to ruin your perfect take? So you just narrow your search, then click through the loops to audition them. And store and recall them mcakie lightning fast key commands.

Our only real complaint concerns working with large multitrack projects where scrolling and editing can be graphically clunky, with response times leaving something to be desired. Folder tracks and the updated audio timestretch algorithm make it a no-brainer for T2 users.

Just mouse over a clip and click and drag the editing tools that appear. This frees up the computer's CPU for important tasks - like creating more tracks! There will also be an upgrade path for existing Tracktion users via www.

No more babysitting live recordings at the club gig; just start it rolling and ignore until the third encore is traxktion over. Tracktion Has a New Home Jan 30,

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