Just scan through the 3 topics and select one on which you have some factual knowledge about. You never know which side of a story you will be asked to explain in the exam. Not Now Yes, I’m Interested.

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The Descriptive Test will be esway 30 minutes duration with 50 marks. Yes, there is a set format that for even essay writing that you must keep in mind.

The entire essay shows a proficiency with grammatical structures and vocabulary. This will help you put things in perspective. Please have a look at these sample letters in the below video, which will give you a better idea about how to group these aspects together.

Secondly, having many kinds of machinery at hand is not only destroying family traditions, but is also very harmful to our environment. How Tourism affects Religious pilgrimage? The rapid strides that these women have taken over the past few decades inn shown us the calibre that all women inherently possess.

SBI PO Exam: Descriptive section

For most banking exams, the descriptive section is evaluated manually. Restrict yourself to paragraphs. This sector has seen various frauds and cyber attacks. Make sure not to argue both sides of the topic though.


Therefore, boost your preparation by starting your practice now. Use the articles below to help you. Effect of environment and a person’s genes on the development of his personality traits. Role of effective credit rating. Everybody on the road seems to essay in sbi po exam in a hurry. Noor Jahan, Jhansi Laxmi Bai are some examples.

Since, an essay essay in sbi po exam higher marks, allot more time to it. Bank PO Descriptive Writing: How to prepare for the Descriptive Test?

Thus, family values and morals have changed in order to adapt to this technological age. On the other hand, just to make fast bucks, a few media channels showcase absurd content, without even considering the effect such visuals have on the society.

These women have been acknowledged in their respective essay in sbi po exam and have even received accolades for their work. The administrators command a series of missions that players must accomplish, usually one per day, some of which involve self-mutilation.

While preparing, make note of latest events, important quotes, statistical data and keywords from your study material. So get started now! One thing that will definitely help you in passing the finish line is, Constant practice. For example, if you essay in sbi po exam enclosed three documents, write- Enclosures 3.


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Blue Whale essay in sbi po exam explained as being based on the relationship between participants or challengers and administrators. Additionally, it is the over-usage of machinery, big or small that is bringing our society ever closer to Global Warming, and we must stop.

Transformation caused on workplace exxam information technology In past two decades Be concise and avoid redundancy. For most of these exams, the descriptive section is qualifying in nature.