Suspect robert crais

My childhood dog was a female German shepherd. If you are a dog person you will know exactly what is going on. Two of my favorite characters are Maggie and Sgt.

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You will love the descriptions of how Maggie feels throughout the book. They are a pack of two. In this thriller Police Officer Scott James is badly injured and his partner is killed when they inadvertently stumble into a heist on a Los Angeles suspetc.

As for Pike, basically, it's a big two-legged dog.

If you are a cat person you will learn a lot. David Baldacci has written dozens also of various series, my favorite being the camel club. I loved this Robert Crais's novel.

It moves along at a brisk pace, provides a slam-bang climax, and may even wring a tear or two out of you. One of Crais' best. I just had to drag my left leg across the finish line.

Her thoughts are all about pleasing and protecting Scott, who after a time, she considers her Alpha. Needless to say, Scott will come to feel quite differently about Maggie. These dogs will be the truest and best partners you can ever hope to have, and they will give their lives for you. The sergeant who leads the training unit doesn't have much faith either man or beast, but reluctantly agrees to give them a couple of weeks to prove themselves.

The ending also feels a bit rushed.

The characters felt flat with the notable exception of the Sergeant in charge of the dog handling unit — he rocked. I was left wondering "where did that come rogert

What can I say here other than What a team, one man and his dog, or one policeman and his dog. I spoke with Crais on 3 July in Staines UK about this book, and told him the bonded-pair of James and Maggie was actually a "super-hero" with senses and abilities far beyond "human alone".

He had his down to earth manner and sense of connection to dogs that was almost spiritual. I do not cry easily. The fact that one of the individuals is a German Shepherd makes no difference at all. View all 8 comments. No trivia or quizzes yet. This was much more subtle than I thought. LAPD officer Scott James is in bad shape, still dealing with the physical and mental wounds from an ambush shooting that left his partner dead.

View all 6 comments. Both Scott and Maggie have experienced a tragedy in their lives.

Fiction Book Review: Suspect by Robert Crais. Putnam, $ (p) ISBN

Which is why I think the suspense is rather lacking. I loved the way Crais included small sections viewed from the dog's perspe A man and his dog.

Crais is so, so readable. Her thoughts are simple yet honest Robert Crais is one of my favorite writers living today. This is going to be one that Robeet re-read.

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