Future Problem Solving Program of Connecticut

Affiliates may offer all or some of those available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The IC is held at the campus of a public university in the United States the country with the largest number of competitorsfutre a new location being chosen every two years. This article focuses too much on specific examples without explaining their importance to its main subject. Please help improve this article by future problem solving nationals 2014 reliable, secondary sources that evaluate and synthesize these or similar examples within a broader context.

Each component encourages critical and creative thinking different ways to help students develop the skills necessary for the 21st Century. Views Read Edit View history.

Future Problem Solving Program International

AbPS is designed for integration into the classroom future problem solving nationals 2014 and can be used with the primary level K-3 and up through grade 9. To develop the ability of young people globally to design and achieve positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking.

Competitors then proceed according to the six-step Future Problem Solving process:. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat At the beginning of the two-hour-long competition, students are given a Future Scene FSa one- to two-page document that describes the hypothetical future situation having to do with the pre-announced topic.

FPSPI is a not for profit c organization that is able to complete its goals with the help of future problem solving nationals 2014 volunteers across a range of activities.

The program is open to students who are in the equivalent of the U. Issues examined have included, traffic safety in school zones, homelessness, safe driving, Zika deterrence, and animal shelter support. Future problem solving nationals 2014 are invited solfing participate in a timed collaborative-writing competition at the International Conference naationals they have to draw character and plot ideas from the future scene given to them when the time starts, as well as future problem solving nationals 2014 to link their scenario to those of their teammates.


Each round of competition focuses on a different topic for students to research.

The FPS Alumni Network works to bring together former student competitors who have been impacted by the program. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only the winners of any given competition qualify to proceed to the next level.

Future Problem Solving Program of Connecticut

Retrieved June 13, Each future problem solving nationals 2014 is responsible for conducting the competitions which take place in its own geographic area.

In CmPS competitions, students are evaluated on how well they apply the six-step problem-solving process to present-day problems in their own community. FPSPI is a federation of state- or nationwide organizations called affiliates.

While skits are graded, this evaluation has no bearing on whether the individual or team will proceed to higher levels of competition. The materials may future problem solving nationals 2014 used with a few students or with an entire class; either the teacher or the students may record the ideas that are generated; the work may be completed with complete teacher guidance or independently in small groups.


After completing the future problem solving nationals 2014 process in two hours, students immediately begin work on a second competition called “Presentation of Action Plan” in which they illustrate their final solution by preparing and performing a skit.

Future Problem Solving Program International – Wikipedia

Recent topics have included: Wikipedia articles needing context from April Scenario Performance ScP is for students who enjoy telling stories. Students are grouped by grade level and may compete as individuals or as teams of four. Prior to each competition, FPSPI announces the competition topic such as “Artificial Intelligence” or “Immigration” and provides a list of suggested readings. All students receive feedback on their work from a group of knowledgeable evaluators trained specifically for each component offered.

Retrieved 6 June The highest level future problem solving nationals 2014 competition takes place at the annual International Conference ICwhich is held in May or June, at the end of the United States school year.

Today, thousands of students from over a dozen countries participate in the program each year. Students identify areas of concern in their own communities, and utilizing the problem solving process implement action plans to improve their world.