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No longer settle for substandard grounding packages due to budget limitations. We do not yet have a description of Auto Grid Pro itself, but we do know which types of files our users open with it. The Safety module lets you select the criteria that should be used during the safety analysis of the grounding installation. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

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You can also add your own products to the databases. Autogrid Pro Get Latest Price. Evaluation of surface potentials. Restricted to unrestricted soil structure models.

Adds to the above a resistivity measurement analysis module that interprets measured data into a suitable soil model. Indeed, AutoGrid Pro enables you to select a package including components from a flexible array of options such as: View Contact Call Seller Now.

Each version of AutoGrid Pro also includes the AutoGroundDesign software package having similar capabilities and restrictions. Find more suppliers in Noida Billing Software in Noida. Call Send a quick message.

Get best deals for coconut. We do not host downloads on our own, but point you autoyrid the newest, original downloads. Antivirus Software in Autogrd. This entry-level package supports any arbitrarily shaped grounding system buried in a uniform soil. This allows you to carry out a full analysis of the touch and step voltages at any location inside or outside the grid.

Currently we do not have a direct download link available for Auto Grid Pro.

A powerful integrated environment for carrying out grounding studies. Specify the geometrical locations of the neutral and phase wires and the electrical characteristics of the neutral wires, or select these quantities from an extensive conductor library. Original downloads only All software listed on file.

How To Do A Simple Grounding Analysis Using AutoGrid Pro

The list of known supported file types is further down the page. Since its founding inSES has been the worldwide pioneer and reference for outstanding software packages and services in earthing, lightning and electromagnetic interference in general.

All software listed on file. Every day, prp submit information to File. Home Downloads Auto Grid Pro. Alternatively, for autofrid finer control, you have the option of explicitly specifying the wire impedances. The component-based nature of the software package allows you to focus on your immediate needs, from the computation of the resistance of a simple grid to a complete safety analysis of the complex grounding system of a substation. Simply add more components as your needs evolve.

Autogrid Pro

Our team is constantly working on adding more downloads to the site. Soil module for resistivity measurement analysis.

Choose from several safety scenarios. Establish the criteria to be used when evaluating safety issues, and identify regions where safe limits are exceeded.

Flexibility Delivered. Proven Results.

Search for Auto Grid Pro on Bing external link. Autogid input processor is available to view the circuits and their characteristics. It computes the grounding system resistance and potential rise.

Image available on request. This includes limits on touch and step voltages, based on standards of your choice e.

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