StatAssist See all 2 programs. Users who downloaded StatAssist also downloaded: Plus, the program also includes a precise random number producer, a gallery of visual statistics and complete statistical documentation, which can be done online.

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StatAssist can be used with EasyFit and EasyFitXL when fitting distributions to data or as an independent application in the absence of data to obtain detailed information about a large number of probability distributions, which is essential for making informed decisions under uncertainty. MathWave Technologies Download count: For continuous distributions, you can also calculate the inverse CDF also known as the shatassist function, or the percent point functionx Pat some point P.

All rights reserved to Downloadastro. StatAssist is not limited to only displaying the fitted distributions: Probabilities The Delimiters pane allows to specify one or two X values which divide the entire X axis into several intervals displayed on the PDF graph.

StatAssist calculates the appropriate domain bounds min. The discrete distributions are generally displayed as vertical lines, but, for some parameter values, they are better displayed as continuous curves since the X axis range gets too large.

Using StatAssist - The Integrated Distribution Viewer Tool

You can access StatAssist in several ways: Calculations This page displays the following information depending on the selected distribution and parameter values: Using StatAssist With Excel. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us. As a result, StatAssist will update the associated results. Call Now or send us a message Question: StatAssist displays graphs and other useful properties of all the probability distributions available in EasyFit.

With over 30 years experience in statistical consulting, our statisticians offer comprehensive statistics services covering all aspects of statistical analysis. We are happy to recommend you programs like StatAssist that other users liked.

For instance, if you select the standard Normal distribution and click the icon near the Mean field, the following text will be copied: To launch StatAssist, right click on a fitted distribution, and select StatAssist from the popup menu:. StatAssist also enables you to be fast in choosing a probability distribution of interest, highlight and ascertain different values and aid you in creating probability density graphs.

Similarly, if you have no sample data available, but would like to see the graphs of a specific distribution or use it to do some calculations when running Excel, you can launch StatAssist by selecting EasyFitXL StatAssist from the main menu of Excel. Our statisticians have the experience and knowledge to ensure the reliability and validity of your survey results. They realize that surveying employees and customers on a regular basis is a best practice among global organizational leaders.

X values automatically so that the graphs look well for any valid set of distribution parameters. It provides a likely view of what is just over the horizon and even further into the future. Free trial File size: Orange County Web design.

Free Downloads - EasyFit, StatAssist

Rancho CucamongaCA Phone: That is, if your calculations involve discrete distributions or continuous distributions. Plus, the program also includes a precise random number producer, a gallery of visual stataswist and complete statistical documentation, which can be done online.

Download StatAssist Latest version 2. Even though it has initially been designed as an essential part of EasyFit, StatAssist can be used as a separate application — for example, to take a quick look at a distribution curve or to calculate the distribution statistics. Note that P must be in the range of [0, 1] since it represents probability.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, corporate executives value obtaining business research information from an employee survey or customer satisfaction survey.

The application is designed to save you time and reduce computation errors.

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