Jeaniene frost halfway to the grave

This backfires as she becomes not a regular vampire, but one that has an occasional heartbeat and can only drink the blood of other vampires, absorbing some of their powers in the process. They make an explosive pair and when they drop their guard you go from high impact action to awwwww that was beauteous in 3. Worth noting it kept me awake on night shift, so not a waste of time. It's my own fault if I didn't like this book. And it is really refreshing meeting a vampire who knows what he wants and needs Needless to say that his British accent is incredibly sexy.

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Nov 13, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Others by pure stupidity.

One weekend she bit off more then she could chew when she went up to a blonde vampire Bones. With an ending like that, I can grace feel my fingers itching towards One Foot in the Grave. I couldn't help but fall in love with both of them. I was determined to find a suitable alternative for Bones-in-my-head.

How to read Peter James series? Catherine's father was a vampire who raped her. Nobody told her that not all vampires are bad. Then her mom told her all the time that she came from evil, that evil lived in her, and all vampires are evil murderers.

I thought for certain he would've gotten caught up in the action.

Justina made Cat gravf for her fathers sins over and over, never accepting her and loving her. Do you know how unsanitary that is? Cat and Bones together are explosively hot.

Halfway to the Grave

The book ends with the death of Radjedef and Mencheres recalling that Kira's name was Celtic for "Darkness", and realizing that she was what he saw filling his future. He keeps her prisoner for a week in the hope that she will fall under his power, and when she doesn't, lets her go after healing her sister's lung damage from cystic fibrosis in exchange for her silence on the existence of vampires.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How to read Craig Johnson series? In the beginning, I dug it.

The mom has the most annoying whiny voice and Timmie has a very timid voice. I want you, but I'm not saying goodbye to you, because we will get through this.

Reading the story from Cat's POV and hearing her thoughts some of which are really funny just makes the plot easier to understand and doesn't detract at all from the hotness of her relationship with Bones!

Halfway To The Grave

The only character that I'm not really a fan of is Cat's mother. Even our hot vampire master is a reminder of day's past ala Buffy. Sooo not the case here.

She tried to do right. Let's forget for a moment that I would never in a million years take that deal seriously, if my mom were a prejudiced bitch like hers, I'd dump her ass somewhere and never look backthe important thing is that Cat thinks it's the only way to keep her mother and Bones safe, so she agrees.

Cover for Halfway to the Gravethe first book in the series. Grvae Frost has a winner on her hands. That's when things get really interesting. Welcome to the wonderful cliche world of vampires. Being a bit temperamental myself, I appreciate that.

Halfway to the Grave Quotes by Jeaniene Frost

Eventually Cat meets Bones, a bounty-hunting hitman vampire who nearly kills her, and the two of them team rrost to take down "bad" vamps. How could I relate to an immature girl who hunts vampires because she irrationally hates them? And really hot to boot.

The plot was interesting enough to hold my attention in the face of awful turns of phrase and sporadic bouts of self-loathing. God but I wanna jump his bones.

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