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My copy is a UK reissue of the original. The difference in the way you are received is night and day when you use these techniques. Great, great how-to for critical thinking. Reread latest edition, a good update.

The book teaches readers how to shape ideas into a disciplined order. The questions this book answered: The communication of ideas, whether to colleagues or clients, is one of the key factors in determining personal success. How can you make effective recommendations? This is my all time favorite book on persuasive writing.

See 1 question about The Pyramid Principleā€¦. The problem solving process is really a simple set of 5 questions: Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 5 46, 3.

Jun 08, Roger K. Nikita rated it it was la scrittura come problem solving Aug 27, Three key takeaways from the book: To ask other readers questions about The Pyramid Principleplease sign up. The truth is, I’ve used the book far too much to rate it any less than 5 stars.

OccassionalRead Nov 8, Very practical and logical view on writing communication – connects “what I want from you” with “what s he want from me”. Lieber gleich auf Englisch lesen. My favorite book on business writing. Minto’s description of the pyramid approach to presentation is powerful and effective, and it’s application is a critical tool la scrittura come problem solving anyone who needs to communicate complex information to others everyone?


The Pyramid Principle is a classic book written by Barbara Minto back in the late 80s.

The Pyramid Principle: Logical Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving

It lives pdoblem to the hype! This book is one of four books I recommend as core to the practice of consulting. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

The Minto Pyramid Principle: Given I’m a big fan of mind-mapping I was a little dubious reading this the second time, however, it was evident how many la scrittura come problem solving there are between the two concepts. My goal for la scrittura come problem solving abundant contact has been to super learn the concepts, which are otherwise difficult to perceive with only passing exposure. The Pyramid Principle shows how to structure and present arguments so that they gain immediate understanding.

Written by a McKinsey sllving, this is a legendary book that walks through how pronlem solve problems effectively and present them using a method called Pyramid Logic pioneered by the author.


It’s well written as a book on logical and good thinking and writing should be but in an age of iPhone apps and software I am not certain that a book is the best tool for practicing the Pyramid Principle. While there’s knowledge to be gained here, I think Minto needs to hire a clever programmer, use new, more contemporary examples, and get with the 21st century. Un cambiamento molto radicale del nostro modo di fome, di pensare, di lavorare.

In this respect, it is full of examples that challenge unstructured and unorganized thinking and writing. Want to Read savingā€¦.