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Download FabFilter Simplon Basic filter plug-in 1. See the Additional Downloads page. The FabFilter Timeless 2 modular delay and Fabfilter Volcano 2 modular filter have been our favourite delay and filter plug-ins for a while now. On a purely aesthetic level, it looks far nicer than the garish blue and orange of the original version, but the differences are more than just skin deep.

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View the Creative bundle. Filters with unique character FabFilter Volcano has proven to be one of the few plug-ins that offer convincing high quality digital filtering with unique analog character. Download FabFilter Micro Mini filter plug-in 1.

Looking for Twin version 1? Do you want an Envelope Follower? Just add one and start modulating things! Professional mixing and mastering tools.


Finally, you get all the usual FabFilter fabfikter However, rather than being given a fixed number of modulators, you can add or remove them as you see fit. Ideally, we'd have liked notch and vowel filter types, too. Now it is not only capable of high quality filtering effects, but it can even be used for phasing, flanging, chorus and many other cool effects!

Of course, the new version of Volcano brings a lot of new features. Looking for Pro-Q version 2?

Of course, the new version also has a side-chain inputwhich can be used to trigger the Envelope Generators or feed the Envelope Followers. On a purely aesthetic level, it looks far nicer than the garish blue and orange of the original version, but the differences are more than just skin deep. With tons of features, modulation options and a unique user interface, Volcano 2 is the absolute top of its class! Looking for One version 2?

Download FabFilter Simplon Basic filter plug-in 1. To stay informed about important plug-in updates volcani new products, subscribe to the FabFilter mailing list now:. Volcano 2 is a much more flexible beast than its predecessor. To start with, you now get four full-featured filters which can be routed in almost any possible way including Per-Channel and Mid-Side.

Professional multiband compressor and expander plug-in 1. Information Press Download press kit View screenshot Reviews Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista bit: Overall, Volcano's interface works beautifully, making it a snap to create anything from simple roll-offs to complex rhythmic effects and textures.

FabFilter Volcano 2 review | MusicRadar

XLFOs can have up to 16 steps, with global and per-step glide settings, and each step can use a Fxbfilter, Linear or one of two Square curves. The innovative what-you-use-is-what-you-see concept shows only what you are actually using, making it a breeze to work with the impressive list of features that the plug-in has to offer. Volcano 2 also features our improved MIDI Learn volcajo, which makes it easy to associate your controllers to Volcano's parameters.

The best way to discover what you can do with it vabfilter to explore the presets. Three routing modes are available: Looking for Pro-L version 1? Exciting filter plug-ins don't come along that often, but Volcano 2 is one of the most inspirational effects we've used in a long time. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP bit: Similarly, overdriving the filters can create distortion, and the envelope follower can be used to achieve compression.

Looking for Volcano version 1? The host-syncable modulation system is superficially similar to that of FabFilter's Twin synth.

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