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I like the game but the screen gets stuck and a can't move the screen and is the crafting still the same. The controls are the one thing I think should be exactly like minecraft pe. Minecraft pocket edition is terrible.

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I like this game but like every good game there are flaws such as there's not that many things to craft though there is enough to keep the game interesting and there are less things to mine but still I'm patient unlike most people who play games related to mine craft yet not the same so I can wait till these are fixed I'm jinebuilder stating what I think.

The game freezes and crashes one in a while, and the blocks are all lopsided. I absolutely LOVE this game it's amazing!

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First of all, there is no source of food. I'm a player on this app I played it twice and the only way to get food constantly is finding a village. It is less bland than most minecraft copies.

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Caves are hard to find and the occasional crash isn't ignored. They fixed an issue with the mobs in the last year or so minebuiledr has helped you'd get dozens popping up everywhere and it was crazy. He waltzed into the mountain. Become the red carpet stylist you always dreamed of with these top-rated fashion dress up games for both adults and kids.

So if you aren't gonna read the description then don't complain. And I kinda wish you could craft a bit more easy like instead of going back and forth to pick the block just keep it at that block till we pick a different block to use.

There are times when the game lags, not that much but it minevuilder annoying. Also when I shoot the now down like if I was in a tree shooting down it hurts me Either than that its awesome.


I still am a minecraft fan, and I'm just guessing it will or will not be good but who knows! Cant you figure out how something works on your own without your mom telling how to do every little thing!!! The update is a imnebuilder touch with the mobs and such, but a lot of more glitches, freezes, and crashes.

Please make durability on tools other than that it is a great game. I had this game minfbuilder 3 or more years ago. Awesome but add 3d designs and add durability please!!! Also wires should be active infinite distance if connected to a generator or add a minebuildwr repeater.

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More wood types and stone types. The new update fixed the lag on my ipod 3rd gen.

I have trouble and connection fine. I agree with the guy on the bottom of me.


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