Cst microstripes

Powerful editing tools are available that allow to comfortably define and edit routes and cables of various cross sections. I want to test the imunity of a box shield - which will contain a PCB - in some frequency area GHz , so that to know where to place it. CST exhibits at events around the globe. Derive relation between time and current in motor protection device 5. This time delay is calculated for a given reference frequency and a phase shift between the two electric field vectors.

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You can use any item in the plot list as the reference signal for normalization. Afterwards, the support area will open automatically whenever you choose this menu command.

This means that the solver will run for the time necessary for an electromagnetic signal to travel 30, mm. Define the Materials Click on Solve Materials. To access the Support Site a valid maintenance contract and a one-time registration is required.

Significant Software Release CST MICROSTRIPES 2009

A Navigation Tree is created at the left hand side to allow easy access to parts of the model, and a Message Window is shown at the bottom for error messages and information. We will first create 2 edges to define the location of the wire and slot, and then later will define the electrical properties for these edges. The following explanations assume that you already installed the software and familiarized yourself with the basic concepts of the user interface.

What would you like to contact us for? The Materials dialog has a number of tabs at the top for the different materials that can be used in a model.

This will cut a hole in the microsrtipes wall. Any PEC plane touching the boundaries is automatically detected as a decoupling plane.

This means that the individual holes in the vent do not need to be meshed in detail to accurately represent field penetration through the screen. cs

Looking for a Training, Workshop or eSeminar? Simple access to this area is provided by choosing Help Online Support. The only difference is the Overlap of 2 sheets of metal is specified instead of the Gap across a slot. Normalization to input power is also available in the Field ct option dialog and the Near Field Plot option dialog.

You only need to enter your user name and password once. Rotate the view so that the front panel is visible by click-and-dragging the mouse with the left button. We use cookie to operate this website, improve its usability, personalize your experience, and track visits. Either an impulse signal can be excited for a wide band response, or a user defined signal can be used for the excitation.

CST MICROSTRIPES - Workflow and Solver Overview_图文_百度文库

The transformed field output is needed to get radiation patterns, near field cylinder scans or radar cross section. With the compact model multiple wires can also be defined as passing through the same mesh cell, provided that the radius is small enough compared to cell size and wire separation. Notice that Vertex 1 already has some details defined.

When no specific information is available, pressing the F1 key will open an overview page from which you may navigate through the help system. For example you may want to capture emissions from an antenna, and then simulate the antenna on a larger system such as on an aircraft.

Since even we import a cad model which designed by cst Microwave Studio, the history and other details are not imported. Tick Broadband emission and click Edit frequency range… In the Insert Broadband frequencies dialog, ensure that the frequency range is set from MHz to 1. Events - Trainings Workshops eSeminars.

microstrkpes Boundaries and background material When exciting with a plane wave, several conditions must be satisfied. A buffer layer of 3 of the fine cells are included either side of the face.

Notice how the spherical icon to the bottom right of the far field image is used to identify the polarization being displayed.

Significant Software Release CST MICROSTRIPES

Hit escape to cancel the menu and again to cancel the selection of the block and it should revert to its original color. Emissions can be imported from a second model and used as an excitation, for example an antenna can be modelled in isolation and the near field monitored for use as an excitation in a larger system simulation.

By connecting the effects of the cable harness and its circuit elements within the circuit simulator you are able to simulate your entire system in a most realistic way. The circular polarization is displayed as a green circular arc starting at the primary electric field vector gray color using an arrow to indicate whether left or right circular polarization is used.

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