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The voices moving so close to the audiences, the singers each identifiable and unique. Cover design Brendan Donlon. Image Jasper Van Gheluwe. Archived from the original on 30 May Performance of Yokomichi Mario's adaptation of W.

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The Story of ANÚNA 1987 ~ 2018

After leaving Trinity, An Uaithne expanded and developed, and the programmes became more unconventional. So I put it away until the start essentjal and went off to lick my wounds. Maybe I wrote this record with the intention of stretching the classic sound of the group. The album was released in Ireland a few weeks later with no promotion.

An Uaithne featured a number of traditional music arrangements done by McGlynn as essentlal of their repertoire. A simple arrangement it may be, but it anuns a study of cherry blossom in grey, a deconstruction of the traditional song that welcomes the coming of spring.

It was such a successful performance that we returned in and will do so again in as part of their quarter century celebrations. Some of the singers who have featured as soloists in Celtic Woman are ex-members of the group:. Many of the more classical singers or choral groupies are stuck to the inadequately learned sheet music, while the new people are singing without music and without affectation.

Archived from the original on 30 May Both our Dutch agent Peter Boone and our Japanese agent Plankton have carved out unique paths for us and we have been embraced and accepted as part of those cultures, something we will be forever grateful for. Short biography Archived 20 November at the Wayback Machine.

These included the 12th century pieces "Dicant Nunc" and "Cormacus Scripsit", both of which come from Irish manuscripts and featured in essentiaal repertoire of An Uaithne. We sat with all of the company listening to this strange and evocative record. Most of all the arrangement had to be simple.

For me this remains a very special moment, singing songs in the Irish language to a hugely attentive audience in the Royal Albert Hall. It harkens back to the classic TV Christmas specials. By delegates came from 16 countries. Human and yet producing a sound that was almost inhuman when combined.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I wanted to emulate the sounds of the sea, undulating and whispering. They sang essentia, opening choral section entitled "Cloudsong" with a solo by soprano Katie McMahon.

Anúna - Wikipedia

The year ended with a nine-week tour across the USA with special guest classical violinist Linda Lampeniuswho subsequently has recorded and performed with the ensemble as recently as wnuna So I just accepted that fact and moved on. It acknowledges the beauty of the flower and the passing of all things simultaneously.

He said nothing at the start of the session. Sensation was unrelated to everything we had done before.

With Voca People Belgium, Cover design Brendan Donlon. At that stage I felt it was time to record some kind of proper commercial album. National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing The finale of that concert was in front of a full house at St. Even at this very anuha stage I felt that a chorus whose members were on an adventure together and had minimal experience of choral music was preferable to singers who came with expectations that I personally had little interest in esaential.

That version was released in the USA and subsequently all over the world. Cover design John McGlynn. The first performance of the work was in in Trinity College Dublin Chapel. By using this site, you agree essentizl the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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