Entha andha entha chanda sharadamma

Dear Meera subbarao, Madam, I recently stumbled upon this website while browsing the net and found this site very interesting. I think i can call u like that.. Posted by koolprasad on June 20, at 8:

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It is often wrongly referred to that way as it begins by describing Uma. In this verse the greatness of the gloss on Nyaaya deepika a commentary on the teeka of the geetha taatparya of Srimadaacharyaru by Sri Teekakridpaadaru is brought to limelight by Sri Vadindraru.

Entha Anda Entha Chanda Song - Download Saraswathi Namostute Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu You will find details about Hindu Festivals, Slokas, Prayers, Vegetarian cooking entna much more useful information. I requre the below 2 slokas in Kannade 1. Nimma prayathna thumba chennagide… Hage munduvaresi….

Yesi did downloaded your version of Sri vadirajaru.

Posted by dayanand mendon on June 28, at 2: It is also available on KannadaAudio. Excellent and very useful site.

Posted by Aditya Raichhur on May 18, at 7: The audio is available here: Posted by Alvandar Narasimhachar Srinivasan on October 28, at 4: Posted by Rammohan K N on September 23, at Thammanna on November 30, at 5: Iam looking for lyrics to Sri Sooktham in praise of Godess Lakshmi for a long time. Simlarly, from the sea of siddanta,the pearls called adhikaranas have been taken by Your Holiness and woven into a garland using theintellect of your Holiness as the sacred thread called the wonderful shafadamma called Nyaya muktavali and presented to the pandits with your blessings.

I am disappointed to see that no one has come forward to help me with the transliteration of the songs at the http: I want to listen to this song, and convert the same into Kananda. Thank you With good wishes Raghavendra Rao.

Etha pada gala nitya neneyu adare…somthing parama paratpare saakshi; then it goes on to say: Ambegal ikkuta banda govinda.

Hello Meera, Can you please share the lyrics of Adiyali Gajamukhane http: Posted by Lakshman on June 10, at 3: No personal emails can be sent. Posted by Sharma Pawan on December 21, at 4: This work is beautifully compared to the shukla paksha trutiyachandra darshana by the author.

Sunanda in shsradamma some 20 years back.

Entha Andha Entha Chanda Vol 1 | RadioWeb Bhakti

Sri Vadindraru states,that the tippani of Your Holiness brings to light the means of both the moola grantha and also the teekas of the dasaprakarana.

Posted by Lakshman on March 30, at 7: In entua let us be blessed to be thinking about your feet always.

Thammanna on August 24, at I heard this from my mother and sister. Sorry I really tried hard for it. Posted by Adarsha andba January 26, at Hello, Can anyone share some old devotional songs? Shloka 13 esa sriraghavendravrativaracaritam bhonidhih kkativelah kkasau khadyotapotapramusitavibhavascetaso nah prakasah vandhyaivatah pratijna tadatulanikhilascaryacaryabhidhane sthane thapi kkacit syadiha punarudadhisnanasa lpavat syat

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