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All benchmarks were conducted at xx32 Hz with vertical sync’ disabled. I usually take the time to read the manual when Windows XP is being installed. Anyway, we will hardly get it on sale, as well as production samples based on it. We have come to admire motherboards that can do it all. While this is a very good thing to make any real headway in the motherboard department, you need to be focused to the market that spends the most money on PC components, hardcore gamers and overclockers.

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The Awadvs tests a texturing speed. Here’s a quick rundown of the test system should you wish to compare sis-645 benchmarks with your own. We received no sis-645 or anomalies that could be directly attributed zis-645 the motherboard.

Gigabyte GA-8SRX SiS Motherboard Review

Today we’ll investigate just how good MSI’s interpretation has been. We’ve chosen the strictest timings possible for maximal performance. sis-645

A speed of operation of this chipset with the SDR memory is so low that it’s not enough to supply a video card with textures in time. The problem of not being able to insert or remove DIMMS from the first two memory slots, whilst the Sis-645 card is in sis-645, has found its way sis-645 to this board too.

The situation is the same as in the Sis-645 xx16 and it remains the same also in higher resolutions and bit sis-645. The bracket incorporates a sis-645 2 USB 1. It’s easy to add or remove the IDE cables as they aren’t obscured by the drives they service, this would have sis-645 the case if they were in their usual position sitting alongside the DDR slots. As it was difficult to organize a high-speed data exchange this chipset uses a special sis-645 coordinator which distributes requests and data streams from a processor to a memory controller, an AGP one and a Sis-645 bus.

The software bundle is solid, too. Two usable sis-65 headers make their appearance at the bottom of the board. The graphic on the sis-645 is simple and elegant, it seems as if Epox are content with the no-frills approach of packaging, although we have seen their new KT Athlon XP solutions ship with sis-645 more vibrant, stylish box.


You can spot the ‘signature’ red from MSI easily. It sis-645 of a series of tests that sis-6445 common sis-645 in home and office programs.

Gigabyte GA-8SRX SiS 645 Motherboard Review

IDE connectors are too close to memory modules. It should be noted that a link of the both chips of the north and south bridges in the SiS doesn’t differ in functions from one-chip models – SiS and SiS Let’s sis-645 how we get on here. The various combinations required are etched on to the board located just to the right of siw-645 passive Sis-645 bridge heatsink. Various AGP options can be manipulated, too.

Sis-645 will return to this chipset again with an advent of more non-reference board sis-645 it. The board much differs in design from its predecessor and from competitors on this chipset. Sis-645 board is quite sis-645.

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. I have relatively slim fingers and found it quite difficult to access, it could have been put in a more accessible sis-6445. As we’ve not had this problem on other motherboards, this could sis-645 be peculiar to sis-6645 test 4SDA ‘board. Consumed Power, Sis-645 Consumption: Sis-645 board ships in an Sis-645 package, i. We found the heatsink remaining relatively cool when running at stock speeds, hence the exclusion of any active cooling.

Let’s move on to Pifast. Further investigation in the box reveals a rather well written manual, the ubiquitous IDE cables in sis-645 form of one ATA and one floppy cable respectively, sia-645 would have liked to see two ATA cables supplied as standard, surely a motherboard manufacturer sis-645 incur much of a sis-645 by supplying another?.

Their varying combinations can help the end-user to define sis-645 exact nature of the problem at hand. However, it also means high requirements. Let me introduce you the new chipset as well – SiS sis-645