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Please enter a valid email address. This coloring math worksheet helps your third grader conceptualize counting and multiplying by 2. Use “there””they’re” or “their” in each sentence.

Y3 and Y4 spelling wordsearch. Challenging reading comprehensions and activities homewokr Year 3 readers and writers, designed spelling homework sheets year 3 stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.

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Learning to spell is an essential skill. Lessons Worksheets Free Trial. Can you complete these sentences with the correct words from the box?

What words do the picture clues below refer to? The workbooks contain both instruction and exercises and can be downloaded spelling homework sheets year 3 printed. A criss-cross puzzle has a grid like a crossword, but there are no clues. Support their learning at home with our KS2 high frequency words practice flashcards.

Words ending -ly are used to describe how something is done; they are called adverbs. Students are asked to pick the word that is correctly spelled in these spelling practice worksheets.


Third Grade Spelling Worksheets

Some of the words are missing. Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up! This homeworo math worksheet gives your child practice identifying each vertex in spelling homework sheets year 3 3-dimensional shapes. A blank Look, Cover, Write and Check spelling words list to download and print to help your child practise their weekly spelling words and prepare for tests.

Third Grade Spelling Worksheets. Welcome to the 10th of our weekly spelling lists for your third grader! Do you know why we use capital letters? Sorry for the inconvenience. Lessons Worksheets Free Trial. See if you can sort these statements into the spelling homework sheets year 3 columns.

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Year 3 spelling tests pack. We yearr these worksheets to help your kids practice and improve word usage and spelling.

KS2 high frequency words flashcards. Most words longer than one syllable that have the stress on the last syllable when you say them spelling homework sheets year 3 end with a single consonant, we double the last letter when adding the suffix -ing. Then write a similar sentence for each word, once the prefix has been added, to show its new meaning.


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The free trial includes free reading and math assessments. K5 Learning offers reading and math worksheets, workbooks and an online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. Start 14 Day Free Trial. Welcome to the 11th of our weekly spelling lists for your third grader!

Circle the word that comes first in alphabetical order:. In these word search worksheets students have to find the hidden words in the grid of letters.