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Veteran coach Valeri Lilov helps make sense of the King's Gambit. My best games in the Petroff Defence. However, they often remain hidden.

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How to play the Sicilian Defence!

Purchased download products can be downloaded at any time with dedicated backups on the ChessBase server! ChessBase 15 - Mega package Find the right combination!

ChessBase Tutorials Openings # 01: The open games

Windows 7 or higher Delivery: Marshall Attack and Open Games. Follow the World Champion and your chess friend next door. Please enter your email address below. I normally play, for example, classically, and thus, the Tarrasch defense has been my defense of choice. The Sizzling Scotch Gambit The Scotch Gambit is a brazen yet utterly sound system for White who immediately opens up the position, by sacrificing a central pawn, in an attempt to assassinate the enemy king as quickly as possible.

The London System with 2. How are these put into operation and for which traps do you need to be on the lookout? The same is true of the Dutch Defence, which many of you probably expected to see in the third or fourth volume.

Time for a professional person who dabbles in chess is a major issue - but, I fully believe that the material offerred through Chessbase, combined with study and both computer and across-the-board chess-play, can easily lead to very satisfying levels of improvement for any chessplayer.

You will receive a password reset email. Another video has been contributed by the Slovakian grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik. Of course we can also just play a rated game.

Fast and easy check out; Easy access to your order history and a backup service for your download products: Fast and easy check out; Easy access to your order history and a backup service for your download products: Annotate, analyze and share. Boost your calculation skills. Plus 11 opening articles with new repertoire idesas, e.

I only wish I could retire to have the time to study and apply this information to improve to the fullest. The new search mask in ChessBase 15 can help find these hidden gems.

Woodpecker method, part 2: Queen's Gambit and Queen's Pawn games. Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. To connect with playchess.

ChessBase Tutorials Openings # Flank Openings

We can also choose the colour and enter whether we want to send the opening moves of our game to our opponent to practice the opening with him. Most of the videos last between 13 and 16 minutes, meaning that in something like six hours you can get a survey of this immensely important area of opening theory.

You will be glad to welcome Daniel King 6 videos and Sam Collins 3 videos as new authors. Naturally, in this case we cannot choose colour and opening of the game.

This also works on your mobile device. Mega Database The "Mega" is the database every serious chessplayer needs.

And with ChessBase, you can easily create databases with sets of training tasks for chewsbase purpose. WGM Pahtz goes much further and presents the viewer with far more material, but the danger is that some players may feel a bit overwhelmed if it is their first time.

Or do you simply keep on playing the same opening, just because by chance you learned a little about it years ago and because it is in any case too complicated and time-consuming to learn something new? The second part explains how to optimize your training and how to save the results of your replay sessions.

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