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If you've ever looked into the history of Falconer, you've probably also found band leader Stefan Weinerhall's previous band, Mithotyn. Originally written for www. AnalogKid , June 11th, Dimmornas Drottning Stefan Weinerhall.

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A greater degree of acoustic guitar usage is to be found here, along with almost enough violin use to give this album a slight Elvenking flavor, to speak nothing from the melodic structure of each song leaning heavily towards a bard singing at a campfire feel than otherwise.

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While being maybe a slight bit gimmick prone at times, Armod never ceases to both reminisce of this band's unique niche and getting the job done nicely in the songwriting department. Well, it turns out that the first of these, other than the bonus tracks, is entirely accurate. Armod is falciner remarkable record and for anyone with folk metal or power metal leanings this is something worth checking out.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. It's one of those guitar oriented, speedy songs that dispenses with deceptive ballad intros or overtures and goes right for the throat, though it wanders around a fair bit and the vocal work tends to get a bit playful and elaborate at times, even when measured against a Blind Guardian epic.

Falconer have already cemented themselves as one of the best power metal bands, if not the best, to come out of Sweden. The pacing and flow of the songs is impeccable, drawing us in with its well-rounded peaks and valleys.

There is literally only one moment on the entire album that I could do without. To dispense with the obvious, this album doesn't veer to heavily away from familiar territory, being arjod off the usual template of driving, aggressive power metal with a slight extreme metal edge placed here and there.

I first aarmod wind of these guys with the publication of their second album Chapters of a Vale Forlorn and I was very unimpressed. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Said production is very clean and crisp, giving every instrument enough elbow room to be as effective as possible to send those tingling melodies and powerful riffs aflutter from speaker to speaker.

This is not your standard power metal release, nor is it an overproduced, overdubbed At the Edge of Time. Falconer took these tracks and with the help of Andy Laroque turned this record into a simultaneously beautiful and heavy affair with plenty of chug and double kick, while maintaining the beautiful melancholy of Swedish wrmod music.

Not only do the lyrical structures all in Swedish; I had to rely on the translations evoke a once-upon-a-time storytelling mode with a typically Scandinavian bittersweet melancholy even on the more powerful tracks, but the music manages more often than not to fit its mode, by turns mournful, wrathful, triumphant — unabashedly as noted above using acoustic instrumentation, fiddle and flute.

Herr Peder Och Hans Syster. Mithotyn was heavily influenced by Viking Metal and Folk Metal and they put out some exceptional albums underneath the banner of those genres.

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. When Stefan started up Falconer, a lot of that sound was morphed into the new falconre riffing, but was nowhere near the forefront of the instrumentation.

Falconer - Armod Review

Dimmornas Drottning Stefan Weinerhall. I anticipate this will continue falconef grow on me. As far as the music itself, it sounds like there's a good bit more grit on the production and the instruments when it slides to the metal side of things, but really mellows when the slider goes back to folk.

So now Armod 's fate as inspiring or misguided anomaly lies at the mercy of the heavy metal court: In contrast to xrmod somewhat bemoaned fourth effort Grime vs. The overall effect is beautiful and fits perfectly with the sound of the album in general.

However, the most striking feature of this album is the fact that all the lyrics are in Swedish. If you've ever looked into the history of Falconer, you've probably also found band leader Stefan Weinerhall's previous band, Mithotyn.

Few can equal his grace, and his smooth falconeer has frequently been mentioned in the same breath with greats like Roy Khan in terms of pure talent. I'm not basing my score on this, since it is bonus material, but it is definitely something to think about before purchasing a more expensive copy of the album for these four tracks.

Falconer "Armod" CD - Metal Blade Records

There are mild differences here, like the decision to place more of the lyrics directly in Swedish tongue, but otherwise its got the same careful balance of folkish elements with surging melodic power metal, gleaming leads and most importantly, Matthias Blad's clean and versatile pipes. Also, I've contended from the start that Stefan Weinerhall has the same mutant power that Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has; the power to compose nothing but hooks on the guitar.

Of the 11 tracks 7 are written entirely by Weinerhall musically. However, not all things are folk-like when listening to Armod. Vid Rosornas Grav Stefan Weinerhall. SatosukeMarch 27th,

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