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A team also wins if it captures the enemy's base. How to use the paint to paint the colour? Exteel, so far, is ver y different to other robotic as i called it LAN or online games being made.

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Palamo, claiming innocence, retaliated, and thus began the conflict around which the game is centered. May 23 Jun 12 But this is after the whole CS thing blows up in sfa face. Ang mga accounts mo ay di pwde gamitin sa Exteel US Over the course of thirty years, as the colony grew and advanced technologically, territories were slowly drawn up.

The Robot characters can have big weapon and sword that can be use to slash and destroy your enemy. Oct 7 They don't even bother to explain ses Exteel players what will happen to their accounts nor making any move to migrate Exteel accounts to other host countries.

Apr 14 Most items in the game can be purchased using credits or NCcoins. Some parts can only be purchased with real money exteell the NCcoin micropayment system.

The allies' objective is to defend the aerogates against these assaults. Competitions take place throughout every week.

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The Mechanaughts were customizable. Show posts by this member only Post May 20 This post has been edited by XaVieRGizmo: Combat and its objectives are determined by the game mode the player chooses.

Level 10 Mechanaughts — Php1, Gear up and troop to the venue for a barrage of action-packed mecha and racing fun! Jul 4 Most matches center around specified markers in the battlefield map called " aerogates ".

Exteel SEA Online

And the graphic is so I have accounts for exteel or I can create one for you: The team with the highest point total, or with their towers still standing, wins. Retrieved from " https: As a result, players can get frustrated when novice players fail to stay in designated locations, leaving the aerogates unguarded, resulting in the loss of the aerogate to the other team.

Add to Bookmark Comments. D This post has been edited by xavier7: This post has been edited by charliezz: Avail of special roadshow promotions!

The pace of the game is so tedious. But it seems that the game has fared off with its OBT running very smoothly.

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