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Fewer Key-strokes You can edit your text with much fewer key-strokes in 'Dual Screen' transliteration, when compared to 'Single Screen' transliteration, since you effect all editing from the English text area itself. Otherwise, you can download more than fonts by following the appropriate download links in this page. Please note Regarding fonts developed by various "other entities", out of goodwill, I have listed information about them above. So, the following steps are for users who did not select the right languages and input methods during the setup process.

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Vishwanathana software professional, developed Azhagi after he quit from Tata Consultancy Services due to illness. Click on 'Get started' in the starting screen of that 'setup wizard'. A complete Tamil Alphabet table and a simple pronunciation guide are also provided.

Azhagi tamil typing software free download

No need to install it. Important note There are a few visitors who are accustomed only to fonts similar to Tamil Typewriter fonts and hence assume that all the fonts downloaded from the above links can be straightaway used for typing in Tamil by selecting them from hamil fonts list of an editor like MS-Word.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Immediately you can start typing in English. Apart from the above, if you still need any help or explanations, then kindly visit contacts.

No installation needed to work with it in any system. Ranganathan alias Kadugu, a great humour writer for developing the exquisite 'Sai' Tscii fonts for Azhagi viz.

Click on 'Switch input methods'. Contacts Please see contacts. Thereafter, under 'Active input methods', tick English. Click on 'Configure languages'. Please do fully read this section. Typing can be effected directly in any Windows application by the simple press of an hotkey.

And, using font converters available at indic. Natural Transliteration Scheme - Since Azhagi has a user'friendly and flexible Tamil transliteration scheme English-to-Tamil key mappings which helps you transliterate easily and intuitively, both during 'typing' your Tamil text and also while 'editing' your already typed text.

Auto-conversion of Tamil font encodings.

Azhagi Download (Free) -

Auto-Transliteration one of its kind You can transliterate English text pasted from external sources too. I, personally, do not have any indepth idea of the various aspects of the 'other fonts'. Less than 1 MB. Hence, some of the download links axhagi ending with the words 'Link2', 'Link3', etc. Have a look at a few of them here.

For details on this mode of transliteration, visit azhagi. Not mere typing apps. For example, 'Bamini' font. In-built font viewer with some cute little features. From within these internal editors, you can save your Tamil Text and its corresponding English text too, during dual screen transliterationin Rich Text Format RTF files, which are readable in MS-Word and all similar editors across computer platforms.

There is a small video demo 36 seconds only too, hereshowcasing this very simple procedure. Thereafter, you shall read the azhagu below alone OR this YouTube video narration in Tamil OR opt to watch this youtube video narration in Assamese OR this facebook video narration in Saurashtram also along with my instructions below.

Basically, this is achieved by a very simple process of just editing an XML text file in Notepad. Highlights Sleek less than 1 MB tamol Compact extremely simple user interface. The instructions for other operating systems are not given, as they are almost similar.

Thus, with portable softwares, Everything becomes plug and play, with increased productivity and ease of use.

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