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And I had to get used to this. I got to know the life of a normal Russian family with a normal average income. I want the music and the content of my lyrics to be more important than the face of the musician creating the music — an attitude which is currently rare in the music industry, especially in the so called German Gothic scene. Yes, there are things like that. So now you have to find a new label here in Russia, right?

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So I read a lot of Dostoevsky and I bought a lot of other Russian classical literature — Gogol and so on.

The songs were chosen by the fans. I like listening to Russian music. From which point did you realize that it all turned into something more than just a conceptual band? Friedrichs Geschichte Is Black Metal still important for you?

Trsum brain locked them in the darkest corners of my mind. So I just tried to find the balance by asking my fans and almost every answer was different. You have a new image almost every album.

It was really cool to me to be in Russia in and play concerts here because it was one of my biggest wishes to play in Moscow. When I release records in Russia like this, for this amount of money, people re-import our records to Germany and I lose money again, because people start selling Russian copies to German fans. The process, the challenge of writing an album is more important to me than the album itself.

Ein Fötus wie du by Samsas Traum Song Statistics |

One week ago we just finished recording drums for this album too. But are there some things about Russian life you like? But they turned out to be quite representative. Not for sale or trade. Only bands with more than 2 entries are shown, for everything else use the search box. You just like them. There are many things that interest me, there are many topics to write and sing about. And actually the best thing about Russia is my girlfriend and our future child.

What kind of songs?

Or just a dream? I have rediscovered vinyl after buying an old record-player, vinyl brought back my passion for music. Who's got all of the sparkly patches?!

Samsas Traum

Do you read any Russian authors? My grandparents, the parents of my father, they are from Czechoslovakia, so I felt connected to this type zamsas culture somehow without wanting it, like biologically.

Each of us has its own weaknesses and shortcomings. Samsas Traum on the Internet: Yes, there are things like asmsas. Then I filled my interest for Eastern culture with reality. Anleitung zum Totsein It is wonderful, because this is why I got to know your country from the inside.

Samsas Traum - Von Sieg zu Sieg lyrics

So hearing all this was very strange, because in Europe we think that Gorbachev is good, because he helped Germany to reunite, he gave back the Soviet part of Germany.

After a long time I was aasenka in orchestral music again.

How often do you rely on your intuition in creative process? Skip to main content. I like jogging around in Zelenograd. First, you have a whole "musical image", the story, or is it start with a concrete melody?

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